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Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

Home automation systems offer convenience and cost-savings. Imagine not having to run to the thermostat to crank up the heat when you wake up on a cold winter morning. Do you hate battling with those unreliable plug-in timers for your lights, especially after a power outage? Would you like the peace of mind that a security system provides? Wouldn’t it be nice to drive up to your home and the lights are already on?

A home automation professional can provide home control solutions that fit any budget and home size. Basic systems are ideal for small- to mid-sized homes. These provide programmable HVAC and lighting controls for cost savings and safety, and remote access for the ultimate in convenience. Many systems are expandable, enabling you to add more capabilities and features as needed. For larger homes, systems can include touchscreen displays for easy on-site operation, and the ability to remotely manage your system from a touch-tone telephone or a computer with internet access.

More sophisticated installations can include options such as surveillance cameras placed inside and outside the home. If individuals such as babysitters, house cleaners and dog walkers have access to your home when you’re not there, this feature enables you to keep an eye on them by remotely viewing any room in your home via a computer with internet access.

Before you start your project, it’s best to consult a home automation professional, who can work with you to tailor a home control solution that meets your individual needs and budget.

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