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Excellent Android Features That You Must Be Using

Excellent Android Features That You Must Be Using

When we go to buy a phone we always see for specification like storage or ram on that we choose to pick up a phone. With so many specifications there many other features that a user with best android phones india can enjoy for best experience that you may not even be aware of.

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Excellent Android Features That You Must Be Using

Use Android Manger – One of the most important features by androids that is not focused by most of the users is that you can use android manager to safely remote. This is quite beneficial as any android users can access to android device manager through web browser and later you can have a track on where your phone is located and in which area.

Screen Recording – Yes, another amazing android phone features that every android user can use is screen recording. Many times, most of the users think to record their screen the way they can screenshot any picture they like. According to the new version of android 5.0 lollipop, they now support screen recording for better user experience.

System Options to warp Speed – Another amazing feature that every android user can do to increase your speed is to set your system options to wrap your speed. This moderation can be easily done in your phone’s developers’ options. Also, developers option has many amazing features that you can use for better performance of your phone and to increase the speed.

Faster Smart Lock – Another android phone features that is present for all the android users is that you can now get in your phone more quickly with the help of smart lock. With so many benefits like online payments and many other important things you surely want to have a safer and a smarter lock plus can have a quick access, android users can now enjoy this feature.

Use Wi-Fi Direct – One of the most important features that most of the users are not aware of is to use Wi-Fi direct to transfer your files easily and more quickly. Transferring files can sometimes be annoying but now by using super or android beam you can transfer files through Bluetooth bandwidth with no limitations.

These are some of the most amazing android features that a user best android phones india can enjoy if you are aware. We hope this article will now help in better optimization of your phones and will simplify your work.

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