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Best apps which you can use for watching videos, movies and chill!

Best apps which you can use for watching videos, movies and chill!

Watching funny videos as well as movies with your family and friends has always been the best stressbuster of all time. It is the biggest source of entertainment and weekends are scheduled for watching different movies with your gang. Earlier the only way of watching movies was to book theater tickets and watch your favourite movies. But now there is no need to delay your movie plans, because there are several apps which stream almost all the movies and you can sit and watch your favourite movie within the comforts of your home. Oh yes don’t forget a pack of popcorn too!

Kast is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms where you can watch movies online with your friends. Earlier it was named as Rabbit and now it has undergone a complete revolution and hence Kast. This app can be used on any browser and all you need to do is download it on your device. It can be downloaded on Windows PC as well as MacOS. The best part about this movie streaming app is that you can watch videos and movies online with your friends. You can also share screens, play audio and even text. It is similar to Skype.

Netflix Party is the most commonly used movie streaming app in almost all the households. This is not a software but is available as chrome extension. Netflix can be operated on any device and you just have to sit and chill while playing your favourite movie on Netflix. The only thing you need to do is just open your Netflix account and select the series or movie you wish to watch with your family and friends. Select the NP button the top right corner and a new link will be created. This will let you watch your favourite show online with your group of friends.

Sync Video is also one of the most recommended movie streaming apps. It is available with browser access and is available for Firefox and Chrome. In order to make this happen, you need to create a room which must include all those friends or family members with whom you want to watch movie online. After this, you can easily watch any movie or video with your group of friends online. The best part about this app is that it maintains your privacy and the room that you create here is absolutely private and safe.

The practice of watching movies will never get old. The above mentioned apps are the most recommended ones and you can consider one of them in order to watch your favourite shows and movies with your friends and family online.

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